Ontario's  Graduated Licensing System

To apply for a license in Ontario, you must be at least 16 years old, pass a vision test and pass a test of your knowledge of the rules of the road and traffic signs. The written test may ask you about: seatbelts, traffic signs and lights, emergency vehicles, how to use headlights, speed limits, entering or exiting a freeway, what drivers must do when they meet streetcars and school buses, driver licence suspensions, the demerit point system, passing other vehicles, collision reporting, sharing the road with other road users, rules of the road. After passing these tests, you will get a G1 Licence (enter the Level One).


G1 knowledge Test and License (Level One) 

 Level One lasts 12 months. Globe Driving Academy helps all new drivers learn the proper driving skills and knowledge and get driving experience by organizing DRIVER EDUCATION COURSE approved by Ministry of Transportation. If you successfully pass our BDE Course, you can complete Level One in 8 months. To get a G2

G1 Exit Test and G2 Licence (Level Two)

To get a G2 licence (move to Level Two), you must pass a road test. G1 (Level One) ROAD TEST assesses your basic driving skills. For the G2 ROAD TEST, you must demonstrate a high level of driving skills and knowledge, show that you can drive well on a freeway or high-speed highway, perform driving tasks such as starting, stopping, turning, parallel parking and three-point turning. Examiner also assesses Your observation skills, how well you manage the space around your vehicle, your ability to make a safe lane change, how you communicate with other road users and your driving decision will be checked as well. You must bring the appropriate vehicle to each of your road tests. When you fail your road test, you can take the test again, but you must wait at least ten days between tests. Level Two lasts at least 12 months. After 12 months at Level Two, you may take and pass a ROAD TEST to get a G Licence (full licence privileges). You must have highway driving experience before taking a G2 EXIT TEST.