Insurance Certificate

After the BDE course completion, you will get a certificate from the Ministry of Transportation. If you successfully complete a BDE Course (Driving Course) in our Driving School in Toronto, BDE graduates with Driver's License History may be eligible for an Insurance discount.  You are advised to notify your insurance company of course completion by providing your insurance company with a Driver's Licence History (DLH) which is proof of successful BDE course completion.

 Your driver’s licence history shows that you completed the Ontario Driver Educational Course and is often requested by insurance companies to prove that the course was completed. Globe Driving Academy does not issue paper certificates. We certify students who successfully complete a BDE course online through the Virtual Driver Education System. In order to be certified and qualify for a potential insurance discount you must complete the Basic Beginner Driver Education Program: 20 Hours In-Class, pass the final test in the classroom and complete the home-link activities in the workbook. Moreover, complete 10 hours In-Car Training with a final score of 80%. Please contact the school and check if your complete file has been processed and sent to the government to qualify for the document. All In-Class documents and In-Car progress reports must be submitted to the office of the Globe Driving Academy Representative before processing your file.

There is a $12 printing fee that Service Ontario charges to issue the document. Therefore, if your file is not updated for one reason or another you will lose that $12. There are two ways you can Order Drivers License History Record (Insurance Certificate):

1) Recommended: Walk into any Service Ontario Location, show your ID, and request a Driving License History Record. This will be issued right away.
2). The second option is: Order the Certificate online. To order a Driver License History Form Online, please click here: Driver's Licence History Search