4 Day Online Driving Course Toronto Approved by Ministry of Transportation


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The Driving Course (The Beginner Driver Education Course) organized by our Driving School in Toronto is approved by the Ministry of Transportation and is consistent with the government's curriculum standards and other Driver Education program requirements. After the driver education course completion, you will get a Certificate from the Ministry of Transportation. BDEC  graduates with Driver's License History may be eligible for an Insurance discount. 

Canadian law requires you to complete the BDE course within one year. If you fail to complete the BDE Course within 1 year, you will be not able to be certified. This is the Ministry of Transportation rule. Depending on your licence status, if you complete the Beginner Driver Education Course at a G1 level, you may be able to reduce your waiting time for your first road test from 12 to 8 months

You may register for a traditional Beginner Driver Education Course or Online Driving Course organized online through  Learning Management System (LMS)   whether or not you have your G1, G2, or a full G Licence. The driving course is not organized in real-time. It means you can learn and log in to your online course anytime from anywhere. Prior to starting driving lessons, you must have a valid G1 driver’s license that must be presented to your In-Car instructor, prior to each car instruction.  

  The 4-Day Online Driving Course is organized online through eLearning software. This 4 Day Virtual Driving Course is designed for students who would like to complete the 20 hours of in-class online, and 10 hours of Home-Link (Homework). It means you will finish 20 hours of In-Class sessions online  + 10 hours Home-Link online in 4-5 days -- not 10 hours of in-car driving lessons.



Course Description

The Beginner Driver Education Course is 40 hours and consists of 20 hours of In-Class theory currently being offered Online, 10 hours of home-link and 10 driving hours behind the wheels with GDA certified driving instructor. The BDE course will provide you with the knowledge and skills that require operating a vehicle and help establish safe habits and defensive driving techniques. During BDE Course, you will evaluate your attitudes that affect the way you drive. Through discussions, learning activities, assignments, interactive quizzes, and videos that reinforce theoretical knowledge, you will learn how to avoid collisions and reduce incidents by applying prevention strategies on the road.

Your First Driving Lesson

When you complete your 20 hours in the classroom, you will receive a phone number to your in-car instructor. You can contact your instructor immediately, or the next day to discuss your availability, book driving lessons, and start your in-vehicle training.  According to law, you can take a maximum of 2  lessons In-Car lessons (120 minutes) per day, where there is no classroom instruction for that day (traditional or virtual). A maximum of 1-hour in-vehicle instruction on the day you receive 5  hours of in-traditional or virtual class instruction.

Pick Up and Drop Off

All In-Car Lessons are one-on-one. Some conditions apply for free pick up and drop off. It is the instructor's discretion to pick students up from more than one location depending on the scheduling system, lesson time, day, route, and traffic. If a student who leaves in Downtown books driving lessons during rushing hours then the In-Car instructor may request to meet the student at a designated subway station to maximize driving time. 


  • During 20 hours of In-Class Sessions, you will have opportunities to complete self-assessment activities, work in groups, and participate in the decision-making task illustrated in the student workbook. The driving course program covers the regular driving situations occurring in Ontario's various driving environments and reinforces safety,  risk, and benefits of social, and environmental responsibility,  self-awareness of personal values, and attitudes.
  • In-Vehicle Lessons (10 hours) will provide chances to acquire specific driving skills and learn from your own mistakes with the support of a licensed driving instructor. You will be introduced to the concept of cooperative driving which enhances road safety for all 9.2 million drivers and other road-users in Ontario.  In-Car instructions are delivered to you by MTO certified instructor in a training vehicle with you driving behind the wheel.  During driving lessons, you will learn how to drive in the city, on highways,  all basic maneuvers, collision avoidance, defensive & pro-active driving skills, braking techniques, breaking bad habits, and handling emergency situations.
  • 10 hours HOME-LINK - Flexible Allocation of Instructional Hours.  The "flexible time" is used for home-link that is completed outside of In-Class hours and allows you to complete the exercises on your schedule. 

If you successfully complete a BDE Course (Driving Course) in our Driving School in Toronto, BDE graduates with Driver's License History may be eligible for an Insurance discount. You are advised to notify your insurance company of the driving course completion by providing your insurance company with a Driver's Licence History (DLH) which is proof of successful BDE course completion. Your driver’s licence history shows that you completed the Ontario Driver Educational Course and is often requested by insurance companies to prove that the course was completed. Globe Driving Academy does not issue paper certificates. We certify students who successfully complete a BDE course online through the Virtual Driver Education System. In order to be certified and qualify for a potential insurance discount, you must complete the basic beginner driver education program: 20 hours online, pass the final test, complete the home-link activities in the workbook. Moreover, complete 10 hours In-Car training with a final score of 80%. After your the last in-car lesson, contact the school and ask if your complete file has been processed and sent to the government to qualify you for the document. 

There is a $12 printing fee that Service Ontario charges to issue the document. Therefore, if your file is not updated for any reason,  you will lose that $12. There are two ways you can order Driver's License History Record (Insurance Certificate): 

1) Recommended: Walk into any Service Ontario Location, show your ID, and request a Driving License History Record. This will be issued right away. 

2. The second option: Order the certificate online. 

To order a Driver License History Form Online, please click here: Driver's Licence History Search