Online Driving Course Outline 

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On this Page,  you will find the Beginner Driver Education Course Topical Outline explaining a roadmap of what you will be learning in this course and what learning activities, assignments, or quizzes will be due at the end of each session. 


  BDE Course  Outline of the Main Topics

 Learning Activities/Assignment

 1  Rules of The Road
Importance of Traffic Laws and Regulations. Traffic Control Devices. 
  1. Quiz 1. Rules of the Road
  2. HomeLink: Explain the meaning of Various Traffic Lights
  3. Homelink: Sign, Signals and Markings
2  The Vehicle and Its Components
Basic Vehicle Components. Pre-Trip Checks
  1. Quiz 2. The Vehicle and Its Components
  2. Homelink: Basic Vehicle Components
  3. Homelink: Communication Devices
  4. Myths and Facts Related to the Use of Seatbelts

Vehicle Handling

Safe and Responsible Vehicle Control. Safe and Responsible Handling of the Vehicle Under Various Conditions. Collision Avoidance and Basic Maneuvers. Principle of Skid Control and Slide Control

  1. Quiz 3. Vehicle Handling
  2. Homelink: Vehicle Handling
  3. Homelink: Right Turns at Traffic Lights
  4. Homelink: Left Turns at the Stop Sign
4 Driver Behaviour
Adjusting Driving Behaviour for Different Driving Conditions. Control Over Emotion. Positive Driving Attitudes and Behaviour. Responsible and Informed Decision Making. 
  1. Quiz 4. Driver Behaviour
  2. Homelink: Potholes
  3. Homelink: Rain
  4. Homelink: Hydroplaning
  5. Homelink: Night Driving
  6. Homelink: Fog
  7. Homelink: Winter Driving
 5 Respect and Responsibility
Safe and Responsible Responses to Emergency Situations. Leadership in Promoting Safe Driving. Environmentally conscious and Efficient Driving Behaviour. Lifelong Learning Approach to Driving.
  1. Quiz 5. Respect and Responsibility
  2. Homelink: Types of Collisions
  3. Homelink: How to Avoid a Head-on Collision
  4. Homelink: How to Avoid a Rear-End Collision
  5. Homelink: Benefit of Fuel-Efficient Driving
  6. Homelink: Fuel-Efficient Driving Technique
6  Sharing the Road
Cooperative Driving. Appropriate Communication with Other Road Users
  1. Quiz 6. Sharing the Road
  2. Homelink: Cooperative Driving and Defensive Driving
  3. Homelink: Sharing the Road
  4. Homelink: Sharing the Road with Pedestrians Situation 1
  5. Homelink: Sharing the Road with Pedestrians. Situation 2
  6. Homelink: How to Pass Safely

VII. Attention

Safe and Responsible Actions Related to Impaired Driving. Distracted Driving. Managing Attention
  1. Quiz 7. Attention
  2. Homelink: Types of Impairment
  3. Homelink: 5 Reasons Not to Drive High
  4. Homelink: Strategies to Avoid Drunk Driving
  5. Myths and Facts Related to Impairment
  6. Homelink: List Inside and Outside Vehicle Distractions

Perception and Risk Management

Safe and Proper Observation Skills. Accurate Perception of Personal Limits. Abilities and Risk Tolerance. Accurate Risk Perception. Recognition and Avoidance of Common Collision Situations. Potential Hazard of Driving and Effective Responses. Effective Decision-Making to Ensure Effective Driving. Driving Action to Minimize Risk

  1. Quiz 8. Perception and Risk Management
  2. Homelink: Proactive v Reactive Driving Actions
  3. Homelink: List Driving Emergencies
  4. Homelink: Road Rage
  5. Homelink: Decision Making
  6. Homelink: Collision Situation 1
  7. Homelink: Collision Situation 2


Required Textbook for the Beginner Driver Education  Course:



  1. The Official Ministry of Transportation  Driver’s Handbook, Ontario.
  2. You can purchase this book in print formats at DriveTest Centre or authorized retailers across the province. You can also get access to the online version of Ontario’s Driver’s Handbook at