G2 or G Drive Tests  (Etobicoke, Downview, Metro East, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton etc.) take place year-round. They are sometimes affected by weather, power outages, emergencies, and traffic issues. A service disruption may cause you to miss or arrive late for your exam. Drive Test Center may also cancel your test when you waiting for your G2 or G road exam with your in-car instructor in the building of the examination center.

 Re-Attempt Road Test Service Fee


In this situation, you must pay a Re-Attempt GDA Road Test Service Fee of $150, if you want to go again for the road test with your In-Car instructor and use the vehicle (car) for the rescheduled road test by Drive Test Center. Globe Driving Academy would like to apologize for any financial inconvenience it may cause. Our Certified Driving Instructors are paid by our Driving School for the devoted time and delivered service regardless of the fact that the road test did not take place. To avoid losing your prepaid road test fee, please do not cancel your road test online through the Drive Test website or the automated telephone booking system. The DriveTest team will cancel it for you and you can then reschedule at your convenience.


Drive Test Delay Fee


If the road test is delayed less than 30 minutes no extra fee is applied. Each hour of delay will cost the student $60 to compensate for the certified in-car instructor's time and canceled G2/G driving lessons (in-car lessons) with other students booked on this day.

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