On this Page, you will find BDE Course learning activities created by our Driving School Toronto and our Driving Instructors that will help you understand the Driving Rules in Ontario. Below learning activity about Right of Way Manoeuvres in different situations. This topic is covered in our Beginner Driver Education Course approved by the Ministry of Transportation. 

Different Situations and Right-of-Way Rules

Provincial law requires drivers to yield to Emergency Vehicles. They must PULL RIGHT AND STOP.  Let us think about two different situations in which a driver must always yield the right-of-way.

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At all YIELD signs, yield to all vehicles on the cross street.




Vehicles coming onto the road from a private road, and the driveway must yield to all vehicles on the road and to pedestrians on the sidewalk. 


Here are 6 situations in which drivers must yield the right of way.  Now is Your Turn:-).  Match each situation to the corresponding right-of-way rules described below. 

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Rule 1

When two vehicles approach an uncontrolled intersection (no signs or signals to regulate traffic) at the same time, yield to a vehicle from the right.  If you are in any doubt, yield to the other vehicle anyway. Yield at the uncontrolled intersection to any vehicle that has entered the intersection. In Ontario, a vehicle approaching an uncontrolled intersection at the same time as 


Rule 2

When the driver is turning left, he must yield the right-of-way to all oncoming vehicles. Wait for approaching vehicles to pass until he has time and space to make a turn. When the driver is turning right, the driver must also yield to pedestrians crossing the road who also face a green light and they are close enough to present a hazard.


Rule 3

Vehicles coming onto the road from a private road, and the driveway must yield to all vehicles on the road and to pedestrians on the sidewalk. 


Rule 4

At a four-way stop sign the driver must yield the right of way to vehicles that arrive first. If the driver arrives at the same time, the vehicle on the left must yield to the vehicle from the right (right go first). 


Rule 5

Drivers must yield to pedestrians crossing at specially marked pedestrian crossovers.


Rule 6

At all YIELD signs, yield to all vehicles on the cross-street


Are Your Answers The Same?

correct answer icon Correct  Answers:

  • Scenario A -  Rule 4
  • Scenario B -  Rule 1
  • Scenario C  - Rule 6
  • Scenario D - Rule 3
  • Scenario E -  Rule 2
A B icon reading materials

“The Official MTO Driver Handbook”. The information in this book complements and supports the material and activities in the Beginner Driver Education Course delivered online or in-person in the traditional classroom. Copies of this textbook may be purchased from a retail store near you or online from the ServiceOntario website. Click here to access “The Official MTO Driver Handbook” online from the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) website at https://www.ontario.ca/document/official-mto-drivers-handbook.  

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