Virtual Classroom

If you registered online for our online driving course in our driving school Toronto this page is for you. 



After registration and payment for BDE Online Course, you will receive a confirmation email including the instruction on how to check your computer system compatibility, how to login to your virtual classroom, and the student's tutorial on how to navigate and communicate in our virtual course system with your online instructors and course participants. 



 Documents and Assignments to submit online for Digital BDE Course delivered online through GDA Virtual Classroom. Enrolled students are expected to go through all the Seven documents below and all of these must be completed and submitted before starting your In-Vehicle lessons. 

1. Registration Form

Student Registration Form (Digital BDE Course)

2. Session Evaluation (to be completed at the end of each online session)

Virtual Session Evaluation

3. Assignment 4 -Final Submission (Due DAY 4)

Student Workbook Page 17, 18, 19, 20

4. Assignment 1 (Due DAY 2)

5. Assignment 2 (Due DAY 3)
 6. Assignment 3 (Due Day 4)
7. Class attendance Form (to be completed after attending all classes)-
Please pick the correct teacher form Below.
Saturdays were with Mak, and Sundays were with Yogesh.

If there is any confusion or you are having difficulties accessing or completing the documents/assignments, please contact the school at 647-351-8225. 


Check this page more often. You can find here online resources uploaded from your online instructor to support and guide you as you work through the Online Driver Education Course at GLOBE Driving Academy using our online teaching software.