Distracted driving reduces drivers’ awareness of changes in the road environment and decisions on how to respond to changes. It also decreases the driver’s ability to control the vehicle.  As a result, some of the errors drivers can make are:  following too closely, failing to maintain lane position, failing to yield the right of way, failing to see other road users approaching your vehicle, especially from sides or behind, irregular speed, responding too slowly to changes in traffic, longer reaction to traffic signals, making unsafe turns or running red lights.  To avoid hitting another vehicle the driver has to slam on a brake, and adjust steering to stay in the lane. 


  1. Following Too Closely 2. Irregular Speed
  tailgate_globe_driving_academy_toronto_driving_school too_fast_globe_driving_academy_toronto_driving_school 
  3. Failing to Maintain Lane Position 4. Running Red Lights
   lane_change_globe_driving_academy_toronto_driving_school red_light_globe_driving_academy_toronto_driving_school 


If drivers follow others too closely, turn left across traffic, or disobey traffic lights, then most probably they have been inattentive while driving or distracted. You may lessen the risk of collision due to inattention and distraction if you understand what is happening to you and take steps to get your mind back on driving tasks.