Globe Driving Academy Team

  JOANNA DABROWSKA, PhD e-Learning and Technology Coordinator

 dr Joanna

Joanna Dabrowska, Ph.D, is an online facilitator, curriculum developer, instructional designer, and online courses quality reviewer with a true passion for online learning and teaching. She worked with students and professionals involved in e-learning program implementation and shared her experience across the world. She helps educators, curriculum developers design/redesign online courses, and effectively integrates e-learning technology into education.

Ms. Joanna as a University Professor in Poland was delivering lectures and online courses in Criminology, Crime Prevention, Corrections, Adult Education, and Methodology of Scientific Research. She also supervised undergraduate students in their major research projects, reviewed research papers, and graduation thesis. As a Program Co-Coordinator in the Continuing Education Department, she was involved in designing, implementing, marketing, and evaluating many programs and courses.

Currently, as e-Learning and Technology Coordinator at Globe Driving Academy she is preparing the company to finalize the e-learning BDE Course Curriculum for the Ministry of Transportation approval. Joanna is also a website developer and LMS administrator. She plays a key role in facilitating implementation of the e-Learning and educational technology at Globe Driving Academy that require monitoring of its progress, consulting regularly with staff members, ensuring that the project objectives are being met, assisting teachers in their professional development, facilitating peer-to-peer review and sharing best practice, ideas, resources. 

  NAUREEN RAZIQ, MEd Driving School Classroom and Online Instructor

naureen raziq


Naureen Raziq, MEd, is a Driving School Classroom and Online Instructor and the Subject Matter Expert (SME) at Globe Driving Academy. She earned her Master’s Degree in Distance Education from Athabasca University and her BA Degree with Honors in Law and Sociology from York University. She also holds post-graduate certifications in Online Course Creator, and teaching studies recognized on an international level. Her academic interests include computer-mediated learning environments, distance education, student self-regulated learning, adult development, and retention. Currently, Naureen Raziq is involved in a project with Globe Driving Academy as an online facilitator, and subject matter expert in the BDE Course. She helps GDA driving instructors to make successful transitions from traditional classroom teaching to the online environment. Ms. Raziq has been involved in a number of projects with post-secondary institutions on an international level cooperating in the field of e-Learning. The focus was on transitioning to e-Learning, coaching, developing online courses, and training professors to optimize performance and achieve results.

In the past, she held positions working in the legal field cooperating with barristers and solicitors on Civil, Criminal, family, real estate, and bankruptcy cases. She was involved in a Drug Treatment Program organized by the Ontario Court of Justice and Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. 


  SIAMAK ROSTAMIAN Driving School Classroom  Instructor

mak teacher





The Subject Matter Expert (SME) and Driving School Classroom Instructor who conducts the Beginner Driver Education and G1 Knowledge Preparation Course at GLOBE Driving Academy.  He is responsible for providing training/course content, and resources, grading submitted home-link (assignments), and activities, providing constructive feedback to students and evaluating students’ performance. He collaborates with the GDA Online facilitators to deliver online driving courses and virtual sessions in real-time using web conferencing tools and the GDA virtual classroom.

As a subject matter expert with advanced knowledge and skills in skid control and safe driving techniques, he conducts professional development workshops for In-Car instructors in GDA and Private Companies in Toronto. Mr. Siamak is very passionate about driver education and road safety. Aside from basic in-vehicle and in-classroom driving education, he has taken every opportunity to further his passion and study at the advanced level and earned many certificates over the last 30 years.