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The VIP PACKAGE +e-LEARNING  consists of 20  hours in class, 10 hours HOME-LINK, 18 hours  in car lessons with one of our highly qualified driving instructor, free home, work, or school pickup and drop offs.  You will also use Driving School's car for the road test, and get access to our e-Learning platform in order to:  a) communicate with your in class instructor, and classmates, b) get information on  your classroom progress, grades, and sessions schedule, c) get access to all materials needed in your class, d) submit your HOME-LINK from the comfort of your home, e) take extra interactive activities including online quizzes, and case studies to check you comprehension, f) watch instructional videos, and tutorials, g) get  immediate assistance from our in class instructors and e-learning and technology specialists. VIP PACKAGE1

Our Driving  School e-Learning platform will be available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It works on any Internet connected computer.  After course complation you will get  certificate from Ministry of Transportation which you can pick up at any Service Ontario Canada location.


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G1 PREPARATION COURSE (price $99+ tax) is designed for newcomers in Canada and new drivers interested in taking and passing knowledge test consisting rules of the road and traffic signs in first attempt in order to get G1 License and drive safely. After registration, you will get access to multiple online tests, videos, assignments, participate in discussion forums, and receive professional support and feedback from your teacher. You will have access to our e-learning portal for 3 months to prepare for your G1 knowledge test and pass with confidence.


 After completion, you will become more aware of your responsibilities when behind the wheel and the role you will play in improving traffic safety. Driving is a privilege!










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