Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is Globe Driving Academy a certified school?

A: Yes Globe Driving School is fully certified. We are a Ministry of Transportation approved a Beginner Driver Education Course Provider. All ministry approved driving schools are listed on the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) website. The Ministry also lists revoked driving schools that are not on the list of approved schools.  Click here to find our driving school in Toronto and Etobicoke as MTO approved BDE Course Provider. 

Q: Are Globe Driving School certificates recognized by the Insurance Industry?

A: Yes Globe Driving Academy is a Ministry approved Driver Education Course Provider and because of this our graduate certificates are honored by the Insurance Industry. Our Driving Schools' Students in Toronto and Etobicoke who successfully complete the Beginner Driver Education (BDE)  Program may be eligible for a potential insurance discount up to 40%.  The quality and service offered by most insurance companies is fairly standard and regulated by law. However, the price in terms of premiums often varies greatly. You are advised to ask Insurance Company for your individual auto insurance price, and notify the insurance company of your BDE course completion by providing with a Driver's Licence History (DLH) that is proof of successful course completion. 

Q: Where I can get Insurance Certificate

A:    Globe Driving Academy does not issue paper certificates. We certify students who successfully complete a BDE course online through the Ministry of Transportation Driver Education System. No student will be certified by Globe Driving Academy with an outstanding balance. You can Order Driver License History record (Insurance certificate) by walking into any Service Ontario Location (show your ID and request a Driving License History Record). This will be issued right away. You can also order the certificate online.  To order a Driver Licence History Form click hereIt will take 10-15 business days to be mailed out. 

Q: Can anyone take a BDE Course, or is the course only for young drivers?

A:  Anyone may take a BDE Course, whether or not you have a full G Licence. Depending on your licensed status, drivers who successfully complete a BDE Course at the G1 level may be able to reduce their time at the G1 level from 12 to 8 months. The Highway Trafic Act, Regulation 473/07, subsection 26 (2), requires students to complete the BDE Course within one year. The ministry does not exempt any student from this requirement for any reason as the regulation does not provide with any flexibility in the time frame.  if you already have your G2 or G license you have the option of taking the practical lessons behind the wheel by registering only for In-Car lessons Packages to prepare you to pass your road test.  However, you will not get a certificate for your insurance potential discount.  

Q: When can we get started on Beginners Driver Education and how long does it take to complete the program?

A:   Globe Driving Academy offers a flexible schedule (including evenings and weekends) to fit students’ needs. You can start a BDE Course on every Saturday or Sunday at 10 am in our Driving School located in Toronto and Etobicoke, or every Wednesday at 5 pm (GDA Toronto location only).  Check our website for more info requirements for a ministry approved BDE Course is 40 hours which consist of 20 in-class, 10 hours in-vehicle and 10 hours of flexible instruction (Home-Link). The average student takes about 4 – 8 weeks to complete the entire program. It may be faster depending on your schedule and your In-Car instructor availability. We strongly recommend that you don’t rush things. 

Q: Are the BDE Courses are offered on automatic or manual transmission cars?

 A: Only automatic transmission cars are available to Globe Driving Academy Students. 

Q: Can I use one of the driving school's car for G2 or G Road Test in Toronto or out of the City?

 A:   You certainly can! The following packages include a car for road test: Beginner Driver Education Course Packages:  Student #2, Gold, Platinum, and Vip. Private In-Car Lessons Packages: Value, Super, Premium, and Diamond. You have also option to register for a package that includes a car for a road test and only one in-car lesson on a day of your road exam. This will give you a chance to practice for an hour with a driving instructor before you go to the Drive Test Center for the test. If you register for one of these packages you will be eligible go for the road test in the City of Toronto: Etobicoke, Downsview, and Metro East. Your In-Car Instructor may book for you the road test in advance. If you choose different drive test center, additional Fee is applied. Globe Driving Academy is not taking responsibility for miscommunication in terms of services fee between you and your In-Car Instructor. Please contact our office to confirm the final price for the package that includes Car for the road test in Drive Test Center different than mentioned above or out of Toronto. 

Q: When can I take the road test?

A: Your instructor will advise you as to when you are ready to take the road test. To be eligible, you must be at least 16 years of age. Our In-Car Instructors are not allowed to go with you to Drive Test Center if you are not a safe driver and need to practice more to pass the road test. 

Q: Is MTO Driver Examination Service Fee included in GDA Packages/Services? 

A: Booking Fee for Your road test is not included in our driving school packages. It means that you must first make a payment to the government. Only after your payment GDA In-Car Instructor will be able to book for your road test online. 

Pricing for Driver Examination Services that must be paid to Government by Students before or during Booking a Road Test

Class G1 Licence package. The cost includes a knowledge test, a Class G2 road test (to earn your G2 Licence), and a five-year licence. This fee is payable at the time of application.

Knowledge test (per extra attempt) $15.75
Class G2 road test (to earn a Class G2 Licence ) $52.50
Five-year licence $90.00
Class G road test (to earn a Class G Licence ) $89.25

Licence exchanges (for drivers from jurisdictions with reciprocal exchange agreements). The cost reflects the five-year licence.  


Foreign Licence applications (for drivers from jurisdictions without exchange agreements). The cost includes a five-year licence land a knowledge test. Applicable to those with an authenticity letter and 2+ years of experience in their originating country. Any extra testing required will be charged as well.

$105.75 + any fees for applicable road tests 

Q: Can I pay for my driving course (BDE Course) in installments?

A: Yes our Driving School offer a flexible, interest-free payment solution, allowing you to pay the course fees in 3 installments.

Q: How do I register for BDE Course?

A: Call us at 647-351-8225 or register online at You may also just show up on the day of the In-Class Session. But if coming in for the 4 day condensed courses then pre-registration is required, seating is limited. 

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