You can attend our Driving School Online Beginner Driver Education Course Approved by MTO  from anywhere if you use a compatible computer or mobile device. 

 BDE Course and GDA Technical Support


Our driving school is more than happy to assist you with any difficulties with the Online Driving Course or Our Driving School Virtual Classroom.  If you have any technical difficulties login to your online course (e-platform) or online session organized in real-time,  contact our Online Driving School Technical Support Team by calling or sending an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We are available 12 hours per day, 7 days a week to assist you. 

To have a rewarding online experience in the online driving course you need a computer and internet connection. You are also expected to use a variety of technologies as part of your learning. Please review the information presented below and check if you possess the necessary computer equipment capabilities and computer skills. To successfully log in to a virtual classroom or driving course online your computer has to meet the following technical requirements. 


Table: Computer Technical Requirements

     Operating System Windows 7 - Windows 10 Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) - macOS Catalina (10.15) Linux/Ubuntu (Web App only) Google Chrome OS (Web App only) iOS 11 - iOS 12 Android OS 5 (Lollipop) - Android 9 (Pie) Windows Phone 8, Windows 8RT or later
 Web Browser
(Web App only)
 Google Chrome v57 or later Microsoft Edge v77 or later. Online e-learning software is compatible with any web browser such as Google Chrome v57 or later, Mozilla Firefox v52 or later, Internet Explorer v11 or later, Microsoft Edge v12 or later, and Apple Safari v10 or later. Opera. For the best experience, it is recommended that you keep your browser up to date.  
 Internet connection Computer: 1 Mbps or better (broadband recommended) (see How much bandwidth is used during a session? ) Mobile device & Chromebook: 3G or better (WiFi)
 Hardware 2GB of RAM (minimum), 4GB or more of RAM (recommended) Webcam for HDFaces Microphone and speakers (USB headset recommended)
 Mobile device  iPhone 4S or later iPad 2 or later



To be successful in our Online Driving Course you must have the following technology skills: 


Student Technology Skill

1 You are fairly good at using a computer yes icon  
2  You know how to manage files and folders on your computer (e.g., save, name, copy, backup, rename, delete yes icon  
3 You know how to use office applications (e.g., Word) yes icon  
4 You are comfortable uploading and downloading saved files yes icon  
5 You know how to communicate using email (create, receive, reply, print, send, and download attachments) yes icon  
6 You are comfortable using the Internet. You know how to access, navigate, and search the Internet using web browsers yes icon  
7 You are comfortable conducting research, setting bookmarks, and downloading files. yes icon  
8 You feel comfortable navigating online websites. yes icon  
9 You know how to communicate using discussion forums - read, search, post, reply, and follow threads. The instructions will be given in your course. yes icon  
10 You know how to take an online quiz. The instructions will be given in your course. yes icon