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This is the registration page for the final exam Vehicle for Hire Driver Training Program.  

If you completed your Online Course Vehicle for Hire Program you must register for your Final Exam. The final exam will take place during an in-real-time (online) session (2 hours) delivered through Globe Driving Academy (Testing Center) Virtual Classroom. You will receive a maximum 2 attempts to pass your exam.


If you want to re-book your exam (or register 2nd, or 3rd time for your online session and your final exam), click on the button below.  A $6.50+HST re-booking fee is applied in this situation during the re-registration process




A $6.50+HST re-booking fee is applied during the re-registration process in the following situations. 

1. If you cancel your online session after registration, and want to register again. 
2. If you do not show up for your online exam on the selected day.
3. If you are disqualified/dismissed for any reason from the virtual classroom by your teacher. 
4. If you fail your final exam. 


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